Head Coach: Greg Hofmann

The first time listed is the warm-up time. The second time is the scheduled time for the meet to begin.

Dec 1 Amherst / George Washingtom Downtown Y 6:30
Dec 8 LCA / St. River / Liberty Jameson Y 6:30
Dec 15 Prince Edward Downtown Y 6:30
Dec 19 Liberty Bedford Y 6:30
Jan 5 E. C. Glass Downtown Y 6:30
Jan 12 Northside / Liberty Jameson Y 6:30
Jan 16 Halifax Halifax 6:30
Jan 19 Amherst / Brookville Downtown Y 6:30
Jan 26 JF / Appomattox Jamerson Y 6:30
Jan 31 Seminole District Bedford Y TBD
Feb 3 Region 3C Fluvanna TBD
TBD State AA Meet  TBD TBD

The Jamerson YMCA is located in Wyndhurst (801 Wyndhurst Drive), located between Brookville High School and Forest Road (Route 221). The phone number at the Jamerson YMCA is (434) 582-1900.

The Downtown YMCA is located at 1315 Church Street in downtown Lynchburg. The phone number at the Downtown YMCA is (434) 847-5597.